Anchored Faith Journal

A journal to keep your prayers, gratitude, Bible study notes, and sermon notes, all in one place!

The Anchored Faith Journal is a comprehensive guided notebook, where you can keep your:

  • Prayer requests, written prayers, monthly prayers, and answered prayers
  • Bible study notes
  • Sermon notes
  • Gratitude lists
  • Other journaling pages or notes

Use it for your quiet times, take it to church, or just keep it in your purse! It comes in two sizes for your convenience.

The Anchored Faith Journal is a central space for you to keep a record of what God is teaching you as you grow in your faith!

Look inside the Anchored Faith Journal!


PRAYERS: A personal prayer journal, broken down by month + day. You can write out specific prayers in different categories AND write out prayers for specific people. You also have space to reflect and record any answered prayers!

GRATITUDE: Record a few things that you're grateful for each day, and watch your perspective change!

BIBLE STUDY: Use during your quiet time or group Bible study to record any notes or thoughts you want to remember as you're studying!

SERMON NOTES: Jot down any notes you take during church each week!

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: A cultivated collection of Bible verses on specific topics, such as "When I feel angry", or "When I feel sad". These are already started for you, and give you room to add to the list!

NOTES: Extra notes pages are always handy!


Get started now!

The Anchored Faith Journal is a digital download, meant to be printed at home. No physical products will be shipped to you.