Anchored Goals

How to set and accomplish goals that matter, step-by-step!

Tired of setting goals that you can't follow through on?

Maybe you're choosing goals that aren't right for your season.

This year, let's do things differently!

The Anchored Goal-Setting System is your simple, straightforward plan to goal-setting success.

You'll find 5 simple steps to help you set goals that you’re excited and motivated to make progress on. PLUS a really straightforward plan to help you accomplish them. And I'll walk you through the whole system, with video lessons and an interactive workbook!

We’re not taking on the world here, we’re getting honest about our season of life, focused on what matters to us, and then setting goals accordingly. We’ll be giving ourselves plenty of time to settle into our own progress, finding a rhythm and routine that works for us, and then making tiny steps forward toward our goal.

Listen, this is not about getting more done. It’s about finally making space for the things that are really important to you - the things that matter long-term AND here and now.

Goals don’t have to be one more thing to do - they can be pathways to help us focus on what matters and feel more confident in the way we are spending our days.

I can’t wait for you to dive into our Anchored Goal Guide + Videos! Enroll below and get started right away!

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Get started now!

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Kayse Pratt
Kayse Pratt

Kayse is a wife, mom, and founder of the Anchored Women community. She writes to help women fight busy, find rest, and build a life that's anchored in Christ. Kayse is also the creator of the S.O.S. Planner, the Anchored Life Kit, and other practical resources that equip women to manage their homes and families in confidence. You can find her writing and her resources at!

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