At-Home Printable Pack


Everything you need to stay organized (and sane) while you're home with your kids!


  • A Daily Plan template to help you create a rhythm for your days.
  • A Family Schedule template so you can map out your entire week.
  • A Responsibility Chart so your kids can help you our around the house.
  • Assignment Pages to keep your child's schoolwork organized & make sure everything gets done.
  • Two Monthly Calendars to help you plan out your meals for the next few weeks!

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Kayse Pratt
Kayse Pratt

Kayse is a wife, mom, and founder of the Anchored Women community. She writes to help women fight busy, find rest, and build a life that's anchored in Christ. Kayse is also the creator of the S.O.S. Planner, the Anchored Life Kit, and other practical resources that equip women to manage their homes and families in confidence. You can find her writing and her resources at!