We weren't made to hustle.

You know it, and I know it.

Let's do business differently – keeping your family and faith as your top priority, and then building a business that fits the life God’s already given you.

I'd love to help you do exactly that when you enroll in The Anchored Business Course!

The Anchored Business Course will give you...

  • 6 video lessons walking you through the foundations of starting and growing an online business.

  • Coordinating workbooks for every lesson, to help you apply what you're learning to your own business.

  • Guidance on how to run a business without letting the business run your life. (Hello, priority-based planning!)

  • Exclusive peeks behind the scenes into how I run Anchored Women, and how I've grown it over the years.

Let's take a look at what we'll cover, week-by-week!

We’ll cover 6 topics related to starting and growing an online business, so that you can build a solid, priority-based business from the ground up. Each section will include a video training and a workbook.

Let’s look at what each week will focus on:

Section 1: Intro + Vision 

You'll spend a little time nailing down what a business that fits your life actually looks like FOR YOU, including nailing down your priorities and setting some boundaries.

Section 2: Business Foundations

You’ll get clear on your mission + your audience, so that you know who you are serving, and why.

Section 3: Your Offer 

You'll pinpoint what type of offer (whether a product, service, or writing) best fits the business you want to build and the audience you want to serve. You'll also learn about the product ladder, and spend some time creating your own.

Section 4: The Essentials 

You'll learn how to start and grow your email list - including your freebie to tripwire offer, so that you can begin making an income right away.

Section 5: Messaging + Marketing

You'll learn different ways to market your offer without being slimy or fake, in a way that is genuinely focused on helping people + building trust with your audience.

Section 6: Productivity + Time Management 

We’ll talk project management systems, time management tips, and why this is vital for creating a successful business that fits into your life, instead of taking it over.

Meet your mentor:

Kayse Pratt

Founder of Anchored Women

I’ve been an online business owner for a little over 12 years now. That’s a little crazy to me, because I never once planned on owning my own business, but it’s changed my life in the best way. I will forever be grateful for what God’s done through Anchored Women, for our community and for my family.

I’ve learned a lot over the years – both the good and the bad of building an online business. I’ve spent more money on business courses than I care to admit. I’ve listened to experts, only to realize that I wasn’t cut out for the “business first” lifestyle. I’ve tried the hustling, the all-nighters, the insistence on making it happen…and for me, those strategies have only ever lead to burnout. 

Over time, I realized that in order to build a life based on the things that mattered most, I had to learn how to do business differently.

I never wanted my greatest success to be online. I knew that God had called me FIRST to my family, and I didn’t want to miss out on the gift of the present for the possibility of a “successful” future.

I wanted a life anchored in the things that mattered most, and a business that allowed me to use my gifts to both help others and support my family in a realistic, restful way.

So, I built a different kind of business.

I learned how to grow slow and steady, seeking the Lord first and strategy second. 

I learned how to find like-minded business-owners who valued the same things I did, (instead of experts who didn’t). And together we learned how to help each other grow in the right ways.

I learned how to work in different seasons of my life, balancing my roles as wife, mom, daughter, and business owner by giving my time and energy to the things that season required. 

I learned (the hard way) how to lay down big business ideas in exchange for family priorities. On the flip side, I’ve also seen firsthand how God can take a tiny idea and turn it into something huge when I’m not even kind of expecting it.

I learned (and I’m still learning) how to run a business anchored in Christ. One where I am able to fulfill my vocation to my family first, and then be able to encourage others in words and products.

And by the grace of God, running a business this way has allowed me to grow an income that has helped pull us out of debt, finally buy a house, and actually start dreaming about the future.

The blessing of this business has changed my life. Not only has it helped my own family, Anchored Women has given me the opportunity to encourage and equip women from all over the world, right from my own home.

If you want to do the same, I’d love to help you out.