Realistic Routines

Your guide to simplifying your life and streamlining your home.

Ready to create some routines you can stick with? Ones that actually serve you and your family, instead of making your life more complicated?

Welcome to the Realistic Routines Course!

It's our step-by-step guide to creating and keeping routines that streamline your home and make your life easier. You'll learn:

  • The TRUE purpose of routines
  • Why your routines have failed in the past (and how to change that now!)
  • How to overcome the 3 biggest routine roadblocks
  • 7 steps to creating routines that make your life easier (instead of more complicated)
  • Sample routines (& tips!) from real-life women, for every part of your day

You'll be able to implement new routines in an intentional way, so that they serve you & your family, instead of giving you all even more things to do.

It's the strategy you need to streamline your home and simplify your life, so you have more time in your schedule for the people you love & the things that bring you joy!



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Your Instructor

Kayse Pratt
Kayse Pratt

Kayse is a wife, mom, and founder of the Anchored Women community. She writes to help women fight busy, find rest, and build a life that's anchored in Christ. Kayse is also the creator of the S.O.S. Planner, the Anchored Life Kit, and other practical resources that equip women to manage their homes and families in confidence. You can find her writing and her resources at!

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