Stop Settling For Overwhelmed

A step-by-step course to help you quit overwhelm and find purpose in your current season of life.

Life hasn’t turned out exactly the way you’d planned, has it?

You always thought you’d be such a great mom – but you find yourself snapping at your kids as you hurry them from one activity to the next.

You dreamed of a strong, thriving marriage – but date nights now consist of watching NCIS on Netflix for 4.5 seconds before you both fall asleep on the couch.

You pictured peaceful mornings in the Word – but these days, if you’re lucky, you read half a Bible verse while you’re peeing.


Reality has set in now, and you’re busy.

You’re building a marriage, raising a kid (or 3), keeping a home, working a job, cooking all the meals, washing all the laundry, and managing all the things.

Your life is FULL. And you love it…But you’re also a little bit EXHAUSTED.

What you really want is to slow down, enjoy your family, and make time for the important things. You just can’t figure out how to do that when it seems like you’re running at the speed of light and still falling behind on that ever-looming to-do list.

Oh, I’ve been there, friend. And I want to tell you something.

I believe it is possible to make time for what matters most,
even when life feels overwhelming.


What if you could start each day more calm and focused,
because you had systems in place to keep your home running smoothly?

What if you could escape all that pressure you constantly feel,
and learn how to truly enjoy this season with your family?

What if you could finally focus on the most important things,
and just let go of the rest, without guilt?

I believe you can.



Stop Settling For Overwhelmed is a simple, 10-day course that will help you take a serious look at what season you’re in, nail down your priorities, and design a personalized routine that works for you & your family.



  • Women who feel overwhelmed by their season of life.

  • Anyone who is stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find their way out.

  • Moms who want to live intentionally but also feel perpetually exhausted.

  • Women who are unsatisfied with their day-to-day living, and need some inspiration.

  • Anyone who is unsure of their purpose or passion in this season.

  • Moms who, in the midst of diapers and dishes and dinners, can’t seem to remember who they are anymore.

In the next 10 days, you will:

  • Get honest about your season of life (and what you can and can’t handle right now).

  • Set realistic priorities.

  • Find a focus for this season, through which you can filter future decisions.

  • Create a routine that actually works for your season, your priorities, and your family!

  • Learn how to set boundaries to protect your schedule and your family, and create margin where there hasn’t been any.

  • Start finding time for the things that matter most!

What's Included?

  • 10 days of step-by-step exercises, designed to help you embrace your season and create a daily routine that actually works in real life.
  • An exclusive course pack of printable worksheets to help you get your thoughts and plans on paper.
  • Mentoring and feedback on your progress. I'll interact with you on a daily basis during the coursework - answering questions, helping you work through the material, and cheering you on!
  • A like-minded community. You can connect with others on the journey, share ideas, ask questions, and be encouraged, all right here on the site!
  • A beautiful printable for you to frame as a daily inspiration.
  • And of course, there are...


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Soon after my second child was born, I looked at my life and realized I was constantly overwhelmed. I kept hearing that I could “have it all”, but between taking care of the kids, putting food on the table, keeping the house clean, and working from home, I always felt behind.

The truth was, I couldn’t do it all – I couldn’t even do half of it!

I desperately wanted to be a kind and gentle mom, a supportive wife, a faithful Christian, and an organized homemaker, but my days were spent stressed, impatient, and so. very. exhausted. I felt like a failure in every way.

I knew I couldn’t keep living like that. I didn’t want to keep living like that!

So instead of powering ahead, I stopped. I took a hard look at my life and got really honest about what was working and what wasn’t. And then I set new priorities. I got organized. I read every book, used every planner, tried every system until I figured out how to stop living overwhelmed.

The process that I walk you through in this course is exactly the same one I use time and time again. After working through these steps, I always end up with a clearer understanding of our priorities for that season, and how that translates into our daily routines.

I truly believe that it's possible to make time for what matters most, even when life feels overwhelming. And so, I have detailed each step of this process to share with you, because I know how desperately YOU want to quit the overwhelm, too.

I can finally breathe again. I’d love to help you do the same!


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