If you're anything like me, getting (and staying) healthy can feel like a huge challenge.

I like to conquer challenges by writing out all the steps and lists and pieces that fit together, so I can see it all right there in front of my face, and then make a plan.

And that's exactly why I created the Wellness Journal - so that together, we can keep everything we need to focus on right in front of us - plus track our meals, our exercise, our measurements, and have a place to write down all of our healthy lists!



These guided lists give you a space to write down healthy meal ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even Snacks! There's enough space to write out ingredients in a recipe, and also note the calories!


Perfect for both planning + tracking, these logs give you space to write out your meal ideas, and then track what you actually ate! You'll also find space to plan and log your workouts, log your water intake, and even total up your calories or points for the day. Each week, you'll also be able to log your progress from the week before, keeping you motivated and on track!


You'll be able to track your measurements from week to week, using our handy measurement tracker! Use the notes pages to jot down any ideas or thoughts you might have for workouts, meals, or more. With so many note pages, you won't ever have to reach for another notebook - all of your wellness notes can live here!



  • Brightly colored, with a clean, peaceful design to keep you motivated and dialed in!

  • Undated + printable, so you can buy it once and use it over and over again.

  • Flexible enough to help you create YOUR own wellness journey, instead of following someone else's.

  • Designed to help you keep ALL of your important health + wellness info right in front of your face.

Meet your designer: 

Kayse Pratt

Founder of Anchored Women

Health + wellness has been a struggle for me ever since my babies were born. After my son's birth, I experienced a setback that has affected my weight, my energy levels, and more - ever since.

On top of that, I'm a busy mom - homeschooling, running a business, and doing the regular cooking and cleaning. It's a lot, and sometimes it just doesn't feel like I have any TIME to focus on my own health.

Also, it doesn't help that I like brownies. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I haven't been so great at taking care of my own health over the years. But one thing I AM good at is creating systems. So, knowing that my health really needs to be a priority (but not really knowing how to make it one), I created this Wellness Journal.

I gave a space to everything that I knew I needed to plan and track, plus plenty of room for notes.

And I made it pretty.

Because if it's pretty, I'm just more likely to use it. Anyone else?

I hope this Wellness Journal is a blessing to all of us - giving us a tool to focus on our health + making sure we're taking care of the bodies God gave us. Hopefully for many, many years!